Manual Pre-roll Machine STM Canna RocketBox 2.0


Why the RocketBox 2.0?

A Smarter, Faster, Commercial Pre Roll Machine!

The patented RocketBox commercial pre roll machine is designed with durability in mind and is engineered with industrial grade components and food grade materials. We have clients who have produced millions of pre-rolled cones using the RocketBox joint roller without incident!

All STM RocketBox’s have an available warranty plan to ensure you will have a commercial joint roller that is not only built to last, but you’ll be well-supported. Our first-class support team will do everything they can – to ensure our machines become an asset for your cannabis facilities for many years to come!

The Rocketbox is a commercial pre-roll cone filling machine originally launched at the world’s largest cannabis business conference – MJBizConback in 2017!


  • 453 Pre-Rolled Joints Per Cycle
  • Smart Density Software to Measure & Achieve Weight Accuracy
  • Variable Frequencies of Vibration for Even Filling & Packing
  • Adjustable Top Tray to Regulate Fill Volume
  • Built-In Training Mode with Video Tutorials
  • Precise, Consistent and Repeatable Results
  • Compatible with Standard 84, 98 and 109 mm Cones


1 x STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine
1 x Bottom Tray
1 x Top Tray
1 x Loading Box
1 x Finishing Base
2 x Density Testing Beakers

Scale on Demand

The industry leading RocketBox 2.0 commercial pre roll machine can fill and pack 453 pre-rolls per cycle and up to 25,000 a day!

Reduce Labor Costs

Our commercial joint rolling machine is fast, efficient, yet remains a user-friendly cone filling machine – and reduces your costs!

Advanced Tech

The RocketBox 2.0’s built-in, proprietary smart density software, guides you step-by-step to achieve the desired weights and results.

User-Friendly Design

The RocketBox 2.0’s user-friendly design easily fills & packs more efficiently with accurate weights than the competition.

Training Mode Saves Time

Built-in step-by-step training videos and user manual on the 7″ touch screen. Saves time by reducing training.

Intuitive Software

User-Friendly software measures target weights using a built-in density calculator with one-touch repeatable results.

✅ Accelerated Output

The RocketBox 2.0 system is twice as fast as the original and up to 7x faster than competing commercial pre roll machines.

✅ Enhanced Accuracy

The RocketBox 2.0’s new enhancements includes an exclusive Adjustable Top Tray and Lift Plate technology improves fill rate and accuracy.

✅ 1-Year Warranty

Every STM Canna machine comes with a comprehensive 1-year parts & labor warranty with optional extended warranty to double production.

“10 Killer Technologies” – STM RocketBox

National publication, Marijuana Business Magazine, named the STM RocketBox pre-roll machine one of its “10 Killer Technologies”

Marijuana Business Magazine writes “The RocketBox is a commercial-grade machine that can roll 453 pre-rolls in three minutes—far faster than other pre-roll machines on the market.” 

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