RocketBox 2.0 Pre-roll Machine

The RocketBox 2.0 joint filling machine is developed to maximize pre-rolled cone production while significantly decreasing labor costs. Capable of rolling 453 pre-rolled cones in 60 seconds, the Rocketbox is the pinnacle of pre-roll machines.

  • 453 Pre-Rolled Joints Per Cycle
  • Smart Density Software to Measure & Achieve Weight Accuracy
  • Variable Frequencies of Vibration for Even Filling & Packing
  • Adjustable Top Tray to Regulate Fill Volume
  • Built-In Training Mode with Video Tutorials
  • Precise, Consistent and Repeatable Results
  • Compatible with Standard 84, 98 and 109 mm Cones

1 x STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine
1 x Bottom Tray
1 x Top Tray
1 x Loading Box
1 x Finishing Base
2 x Density Testing Beakers

“10 Killer Technologies” – STM RocketBox

National publication, Marijuana Business Magazine, named the STM RocketBox pre-roll machine one of its “10 Killer Technologies”

Marijuana Business Magazine writes “The RocketBox is a commercial-grade machine that can roll 453 pre-rolls in three minutes—far faster than other pre-roll machines on the market.” 

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