Monoblock for tube filling, capping and labeling – Automatic Packaging for Pre-rolls

If you want a complete line for your pre-rolls, you need the PreRoll-Er-Line, a fully automatic tube filler and labeler. The machine automatically tranfers pre-rolls from the PreRoll-Er 200, inserts them in tubes and applies the label. The PreRoll-Er-Line works with twist and snap caps.



Up To 35 Tubes/Min


Inserts 1 To 5 Pre-Rolls


Cap Closing Twist Or Snap


Labels Tubes


Reject Station


Connects To The PreRoll-Er 200


Tube Sorting System


Coder For THC % Or Any Other Important Information



  • Video Gallery On HMI For Maintenance And Operation Procedures
  • Visual Remote Access Of The Machine With Integrated IT Camera
  • Advanced PLC + HMI Control Panel