Mini-RocketBox Pre-roll Machine

The Mini-Rocketbox PLUS+ pre-roll machine combines power, efficiency, and versatility to maximize your pre-roll production. Capable of producing 143 pre-rolled joints in under a minute, the Mini-RocketBox is perfect for startups on a budget, or cannabis cultivators short on space.

Features of the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+

  • Improved Design for Natural Variances in Cone Length
  • Fully Adjustable Dial for Desired Tightness & Pack
  • Evenly Fills Cones Layer-by-Layer for Optimal Smokability
  • Reduces Tedious Manual Labor
  • Durable Stainless Steel for Commercial & Industrial Use

What makes the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ the #1 Compact Commercial Pre-Roll Machine?

The STM Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ is the world’s most versatile and efficient commercial pre-roll machine, producing 143 pre-rolls in under a minute. Chosen by small craft cannabis cultivators and start-ups, all the way up to the largest brands and cannabis facilities around the world. The STM Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ cone filling machine is an asset that grows with your business, allowing your facilities to produce up to 11,000 pre-rolls daily.

  • 143 pre-rolled cones in 45 seconds
  • Great for startups on a budget
  • Variable adjustable dial
  • Compact and portable

“Our efficiencies have increased, labor costs have gone down, and it makes a superior product all around.“
– Budz Butter

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