Manual Pre-roll Machine STM Canna Mini-RocketBox

Mini-RocketBox Plus+

Premium Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Built like a tank, the Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ commercial pre-roll machine is the industry leader which combines power, efficiency, and versatility to maximize pre-roll production output.

Capable of producing a blistering 72 or 143 pre-rolled joints in 30-60 seconds or less, the Mini-RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine is perfect for small to large facilities looking to scale and grow production and efficiencies.

No other machine comes close to the build quality, durability, versatility and sheer speed of the Mini-RocketBox Plus!  No pre-weighing necessary, can fill multiple joint sizes with weight accuracy and super simple to operate and clean!

Maximize Efficiency

Reducing costs and increasing production simultaneously is a win-win with the Mini-RocketBox Plus joint roller. No other machine delivers efficient and systematic results consistently!

The Mini-RocketBox Plus+ proves its versatility over every other compact commercial pre-roll machines with the ability to fill and pack multiple pre roll sizes including 70mm “dogwalker” mini-joints, 83mm cigarette style joints, 98 reefer and the standard 84, 98 and 109 sizes.

✅ Up to 11K Pre-Rolls*

The Powerhouse Mini RocketBox Plus commercial pre-roll machine can fill & pack a tray of 72 or 143 joints in 30-60 seconds and up to 11K a day with more trays.

✅ Adjustable Top Tray

Adjustable Top Tray regulates fill volume for more accurate weights. This allows you to fine-tune and compensate for under or over fills.

✅ Lift Plate Technology

Because paper cones are handmade and slightly inconsistent, the Lift Plate levels cones from the bottom up for a more even fill.

✅ NO Pre-Weighing!

The Mini-RocketBox plus controls the amount of filling and packing so no need to pre-weigh material. Just dump & go!

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