SAPHRA License applications

Applying for a medical cannabis cultivation license in South Africa has to be done through the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (also known as SAHPRA). The process to obtain a licence from SAHPRA to cultivate cannabis for medical research purposes, or for export, is a rigorous one. That’s why it is very important to be advised by knowledgeable advisors that have worked with SAPHRA for years, and know exactly what is required, and expected from applicants.

We have partner with the best Consultants in South Africa, with years of experience in cannabis license applications, who assist with all the documentation for Regulatory compliance, and Site Master Files required for your SAPHRA application.

Regulatory compliance is the process of adhering to all current state laws, regulations, and standards, inclusive of other rules set forth by governments and other regulatory bodies. It is an important aspect of doing business within the industry. Companies are required to follow certain guidelines, standards, and regulations. Our expertise ensures businesses or organizations adhere to all national and international regulatory frameworks and policies, as necessitated.

Should you have the budget in place, and are a serious applicant for a cannabis medical license, please contact us, and we will guide you together with our consultant, step-by-step on your application journey, making sure that you can successfully apply with all the requirements met.

We cannot guarantee the decision that SAPHRA makes, but we guarantee that we work according to the required legislation, to comply with all prerequisites in order to successfully get your license.

Get the red tape out of the way, and leave it to the exports so that you can focus on your business plans. We are here to assist with your full turnkey project.

If you are already a licensed facility, and require a review of your site, your master files, an audit of your flow or processes, please contact us now to book an appointment, and our experts will be happy to visit your facility, to review potential flaws, and how they can be improved.