Supercritical Co2 Extraction Machinery

Optimized for Extraction of Biomass

Currently the cleanest way to extract, and the recommended worldwide for medicinal purposes.

Available in various sizes:

The SFT-SP1500 Supercritical Fluid Processor CO2 extractor performs supercritical fluid CO2 extractions on herbal raw materials utilizing a 5000ml extraction vessel.  The five Liter vessel provides comparable capacity to many larger extractors for a modest capital investment.  This extractor can also be used sub-critically to selectively separate or fractionate more volatile components such as flavors and fragrances.

The SFT-SP3500 is designed to perform supercritical fluid CO2 extractions on raw material incorporating a flexible processing platform that employs (3) 5000ml processing vessels.  With the 3x 5000ml Configuration the unit can operate in a full cascade mode maximizing processing through-put efficiency.

Integrated Chiller Assembly: The integrated chiller cools the liquid CO2 from the delivery tank/Accumulator. The chilled CO2 is then delivered directly to the supercritical fluid pump. Proper cooling of the CO2 before it arrives at the pump ensures that the CO2 is pumped in an efficient manner that eliminates cavitation to achieve the pressures and flow rates required for supercritical fluid extraction processes.  This same Chiller assembly is then employed as the condenser in the CO2 Recycle Loop of the Unit.

Power Requirements:   SFT-SP3500 will require 30Amps of 230V three phase.  The Chiller will need 20 Amps of 230V three phase.

Following final assembly and checkout, the manufacturer will provide a complete data book for the Supercritical Fluid Processor.

Each data book will contain the following:

Complete, as built, P&ID of the system

General arrangement drawing of the modules

Assembly drawings of the vessel

Recommended spare parts list

Installation, operation, and maintenance instructions

Optional Items:

Color Remediation Module:  Removed Chlorophyll from extract in process 2 x 500ml Vessels, Valving and Frit Assembly for Module

New SFT Technology – Color Remediation

This technology preserves the plant’s full expression of effect, flavor and aroma.  And, equally important, it saves you time and money by eliminating the distillation step.

The ability to process Cannabis/Hemp at high pressure (5,500 psi) with our SFT-SP Series SFE CO2 extractors affords a significant economic benefit.  Not only will you perform extractions quicker than those done with our competitors’ systems, but you will get a complete cannabinoid extraction, also known as a full spectrum extraction.

However, processing at 5,500 psi will extract Chlorophyll into your raw full spectrum oils, resulting in a dark oil.  After winterization and roto evaporation, distillation can be used to remove the Chlorophyll.  Distillation yields a concentrated THC / CBD oil, but after the distillation step, it is no longer a full spectrum extract.  Many of the beneficial cannabinoids are removed in the distillation process.  Therefore, sometimes other materials are added back to thicken or thin the oil, or to replace missing cannabinoids, in order to make a high-quality oil for use in vape cartridges.

We have introduced an in-line Color Remediation module which removes 99.9% of the Chlorophyll and yields a light-colored raw oil.  You will obtain a full spectrum extract with a concentration of 60-70% THC or CBD.  By adjusting Winterization parameters, you can select the optimal viscosity of the extract using the naturally occurring lipids/fats present in the plant.  As important, the distillation step is eliminated, as its associated time and cost. The resulting oil is ready to load into vape cartridges.



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