Hemp Seed Oil Press

The M70.2 Precision Cold Screw Oil Extraction Press will extract 85% to 95% of the available oil within the plant material and while kept under “cold press” requirement of 138F (59C). The oil temperature coming out of the press is normally 90F to 120F (32C to 49C). The oil content of the press meal can be as low as 5%, but is normally 7% to 9%, which for livestock protein feed is a perfect energy to protein ratio. The M70.2 does not require preheating of the commodity going into the press.

The M70.2 will crush out 1,000 to 1,500lbs (454Kg to 680Kg) over a 24 hour period which is 42 to 62 lbs per hour (19Kg to 28Kg per hour). Vastly speaking for all oil seed commodities having an oil content of 38% to 44% oil, our clients report that they get 800lbs to 1200lbs of press meal (363Kg to 544Kg) and 50 to 70 gallons (189 to 265 Liters) of oil over a 24hr period. That’s 33 to 50lbs (15Kg to 23Kg) per hour of press meal and 2 to 3 gallons (7.5 to 11.3 Liters) per hour of oil. Nuts, being of greater oil content will produce more oil and less press meal.

Electrical. The M70.2 OilPress is powered by 200V to 260V, single phase OR three phase, 50Hz or 60Hz. The M70.2 draws only 3 to 6 amps while running! Over a 24hr period, while crushing soybeans, one of the more difficult commodities to crush, the M70.2 consumed only 21.3KwH. We have customers who power their press with solar power.

The M70.2 is the most efficient oil press on the market!

Specifications. The M70.2 OilPress overall measures 38”/96.5cm long x 11”/28cm wide x 12”/30.5cm height and weighs 190lbs/86Kg. The M70.2 OilPress ships in a crate that measures 36”/91cm x 22”/56cm x 22”/56cm and weighs 250lbs/113Kg. We can also send the M70.2 broke down into 5 boxes that each weigh less than 70lbs/32Kg. We have assembly videos that show how to assemble the press.

Maintenance. The press requires a gearbox and bearing housing oil change at about six months of running 24×7 or 3,500 to 4,000 hours of operation. The oil is a synthetic gear oil 75W-110 that has “EP” (extreme pressure) property. Only a few tools are needed to operate the M70.2 OilPress.

Wear Parts. The screw is the main wear part. The screw will last one to one and a half years with the press running all day every day. The crush barrel will outlast 2 to 3 screws. It is not necessary to purchase replacement parts with the press. We inventory the wear parts so delivery is very fast.

The M70.2 is the highest quality precision cold screw oil extraction press on the market and includes a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY against any part breakage!