The Rapitest 3 in 1 meter is an analog instrument that allows the measurement of humidity, light and pH values. This meter gives us the information of three essential values ​​to achieve good harvests. The humidity level of the crop, which helps us know when the crop needs water. Also inform us of the level of ph that you have as well as the amount of light that the crop receives.

The Rapitest 3-in-1 meter can be used indoors and outdoors.

HOW DOES THE 3-IN-1 RAPITEST METER HELP OUR CULTURE? The Rapitest 3 in 1 meter tells us the humidity of the substrate, the level of the ph of the substrate and we can also know the point of light that our crop receives. This 3-in-1 Rapitest meter is optimal for knowing where to put our crops because, thanks to its light measurement, we will know where the plant receives the most light.