Autopilot ECLIPSE F60 Digital Environmental Controller

Product Details

The ECLIPSE Digital Environmental Controller F60 offers an integrated digital control for the critical conditions of the growing environment. Autopilot takes complete atmospheric control so that the user only has to take care of the crop. F60 precisely controls the temperature, humidity and any device that needs the programmed function on/off.

Its three LED screens make the control and regulation of atmospheric conditions very simple, continuously showing the current temperature and humidity as well as the count behind the thermostat with repeat cycle. Their LED indicators show which modes are active and inform the user of any errors.

The ECLIPSE Digital Environmental Controller F60 is very easy to program and displays with full transparency environmental conditions 24 hours a day. The ECLIPSE F60 is equipped with three separate power outlets for external refrigeration control(air conditioning or fan), heating, humidity (humidifier or dehumidifier) ​​and a fourth outlet equipped with a cyclical digital timer that controls any device that requires functions programmed on/off as water pumps, extractor fans or CO2 devices.