The CN Indicator is a simple easy to use indicator. It has weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing and check weighing and can be linked to 4 load cells at a time. The hold function allows a weight to be held on the display even if the weight has been removed. The rechargeable battery and mains power make it a portable indicator that can be used in remote areas. The large red LED display makes viewing easier even in poor lighting conditions.
The CN Platform scales use the CN indicator and so have the same features but are linked to a welded steel base with stainless steel top pan. The CNP’s are offered as 60kg, 150kg and 300kg variations and are designed for industrial/catering applications.

  • Model: CNP 60
  • Capacity: 60kg
  • Readability: 5g
  • Pan Size: 500x 400mm


  • Model: CNP 150
  • Capacity: 150kg
  • Readability: 10g
  • Pan Size: 500x 400mm


  • Model: CNP 300
  • Capacity: 300kg
  • Readability: 20g
  • Pan Size: 500x 400mm

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