Grotek RapidRIZE Coco Block 25cms x 25cms – 13L

Case (10 pcs)


RapidRIZE, The worlds fastest expanding coco blocks.

Grotek’s high quality coco coir products are designed to provide the best coco substrate for optimal growth and high yields.

Benefits of Grotek’s Expandable Coco Blocks:

• Low EC levels, due to ultra-clean processing: Reduces Germination time, promotes quick root growth and elongation.

• Low ppm/EC and tested for heavy metals

• Cal/Mag Buffered for high yields

• Quickest Expansion: Saves time and Water.

• Maximum Water retention due to large particle substrate.

• Faster Root Growth: No sand and minimal fines improve porosity and available oxygen.

Ready to go – Comes with Grow Bag


Expansion Time:

  • RapidRize Blocks -> Quickest Expansion 40 seconds on the 10x10cms blocks and less than 2 minutes on the 20x20cms blocks
  • Competition: Hours.

Water Retention (Weight %):

  • RapidRize Blocks -> 9x Dry Weight
  • Competition: 6-7 x Dry Weight


  • RapidRize Blocks: > 18L /kg
  • Competition: 12 – 14L /kg


  • Blocks per Case: 10
  • Cases p/pallet: 72
  • Blocks per 40” container: 14 400

MOQ: Sold per Case