MEDICAL Cannabis English Complete Edition

In this complete edition of Medical Cannabis, french writer Michka makes a compilation of the best information available on the medical use of cannabis and its active components, cannabinoids. It also includes some growing tips and a brief description of the current legal status of this medicinal plant.

Michka was part of a collective formed by international experts which worked on answering some of the most important questions in this field: What are the available medicines? Which are the different properties of cannabinoids ? What diseases should be treated with cannabis? You’ll find all the answers and much more in this book.

Among the collaborators who helped Michka to write this book we find Professor R. Mechoulam (who was the first ever to isolate the THC molecule), Professor Manuel Guzmán (who studies the action of cannabis components against cancer cells), botanist Robert C. Clarke, Jorge Cervantes, Chris Conrad, Adriaan Jansen, Don E.Wirstshafter and Dr. Philippe Lucas.

Reading Medical Cannabis is easy and entertaining. This complete edition has 320 colour pages with 420 pictures. Its dimensions are 17×24 cm.

Wether if you are using cannabis as medicine or if you are just interested in this plant and its uses, this book by Michka will son become a reference for you on this subject.

At the end of the book we find the Cannascope, an annuary (updated every year) with the best websites and links from the top professionals of the European cannabis industry, as well as a calendar with the major cannabis events and fairs.