Filters:2 Watermelon Wave Filters – 7mm

Enhance the experience of smoking your favorite wraps or rolling papers with King Palm’s Watermelon Wave filter tips. Made from organic corn husk and handcrafted for exceptional filtration, these filters will immediately elevate your smoke session. And, at any point during your sesh, you can squeeze the tips to unleash waves of juicy watermelon flavors.


Product includes:

  • 2 Watermelon Wave corn husk filter tips (7mm)

Filter Tips with Incredible Filteration

You’ve probably taken a hit from a blunt or joint before and experienced the infamous “Scooby Snacks.” The reason that happened is that the filter tip your wrap was rolled with didn’t actually filter your pulls. Our corn husk filters not only prevent you from inhaling bits of plant, but they also produce a smoother draw.

Sweet Watermelon Flavors

Transport yourself to summertime on the beach with the potent doses of watermelon these filter tips provide. Once you pop the terpene-infused flavor capsule, you’ll bask in fruity notes of your favorite pink melon.