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The M70 Precision Cold Screw Press

The M70 Precision Cold Screw Press

This Cold Press machine is an amazing addition to any facility that specializes in Hemp or Cannabis Cultivation, and wants to make use of the oil that comes from their seeds!

The M70 Precision Cold Press oil extraction machine extracts 85% to 95% of the oil inside the vegetable matter, under “cold press” requirements. This uses mechanical oil extraction.

By “mechanical oil extraction” we mean metal parts directly applying pressure to plant material and forcing the oil out; without any chemicals or high heat.

This is amazing because you will be able to get oil that has absolutely no solvents! Normally the residual solvents left in the oil extractions is the worry that many people have. As often the oil is not completely clean, and there are always some residues left over in other traditional ways of extraction, like BHO extraction for example, etc.

With the cold press machine, you wouldn’t have to worry about this at all. Moreover, not having high heat means that the molecules are preserved even better than in other extraction methods, like rosin press for example (which extracts by pressing and heating the vegetable matter), with too much heat you will clearly see a decrease in the quality and the terpenes.

In this machine you can put all types of seeds, from hemp seeds, sunflower seeds to make sunflower oil, coconut to make coconut oil, you can do almond pressing, walnut oil, nuts, canola to make canola oil, chia seed, coffee beans, cranberry seed, grape seed, hazelnut, olives, etc.

The pressed meal that comes from the material being pressed is amazing for animal feed as it is high in protein and nutrition.

One of the most amazing things that this machine has is that it doesn’t only extract the oil from the seeds, but also extracts oil from flower material as is shown in this video. So you can grind the hemp, and make your clean CBD oil without any solvents!

You could mix grinded hemp flower with coconut together, put them in the hopper and you will end up with a perfect mix of CBD and coconut oil, which is a very popular mixture that people use.


Very few people know this, but it has been proven and tested, that hemp seed oil can move a tractor, as fuel!

In this video you can see this. This is amazing, as a cleaner solution for fuel.

To be able to do this, you would need to add to your purchase a centrifuge to clean the oil. Our Centrifuge provides an amazing means of purifying your oil down to as low as 1 micron.

You can view the M70 Precision Cold Press oil extraction machine in action below.

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