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Proper Irrigation is the Key to Growing Cannabis

It’s nothing new: Hemp is hard to grow. It has high nutrient and water demands, plus it is a labour-intensive crop. But you shouldn’t let this deter you. The time and effort put into growing cannabis yields so many rewards. Cannabis plants prefer moist but not saturated soils with high levels of aeration. This is a prerequisite to healthy hemp plants. No other method of irrigation can deliver such minimal amounts of water with all the needed nutrients.

Hemp production takes many forms, and with these comes the need for different irrigation treatments and methods.

The best irrigation systems will differ, depending on your specific production practices, where the hemp is grown and what it’s grown for. All this considered, some irrigation applications are suitable for all hemp growing methods.

There are as many ways to grow cannabis as there are uses for the end-product – seemingly endless! Hemp is produced in open fields, hydroponic gardens and everything in between. However, the most common way to grow cannabis, whether with natural soil in containers.  This is true for indoor grows, greenhouses and even outdoor operations. Container growing offers control over the root zone which is hard to duplicate with any other method of growing.

There are just as many ways to irrigate cannabis in containers, and as a first-time commercial grower it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Irrigation Options

Cannabis is unfortunately prone to diseases when the leaves become wet. This is why it is not ideal to irrigate using overhead sprinklers. Also, the irrigation system you choose will do the job of delivering everything the plant needs to live and thrive. This includes water, fertilizers and micronutrients. It comes as no surprise that irrigation methods for cannabis control water application with absolute precision, and keep water at the base of the plants.

The following are the most popular:

  • Conventional drip irrigation
  • Drip irrigation with drip rings
  • Spray stake irrigation

The best irrigation solution for your particular operation depends on three main factors:

  • the size of your containers and plants,
  • your growing media and
  • the tolerance for overspray (water outside of your containers).

As a conclusion, irrigation is crucial to the health of your plant’s life cycle, quality and yield. Consult professionals before making the right decision, depending on your growing needs.