Filters:2 Pine Drip Filters – 7mm

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Complement your rolling paper with Pine Drip flavored filter tips. Once your roll is ready to smoke, all you have to do is pop these filters to activate the flow of all-natural pineapple terpenes. And if your wrap gets too hot, try squeezing the filter for an even tighter draw. A size 7mm conveniently fits your favorite wraps or papers.


Product includes:

  • 2 Pine Drip corn husk filter tips (7mm)

Organic Corn Husk Filters

Sourced from organically grown corn husk, these filters have superior filtration qualities so you don’t have to worry about inhaling plant matter. Our Pine Drip filter tips will instantly enhance any roll or wrap because they’re specifically designed to let you take smoother, bigger hits.

Mouthwatering Pineapple Flavors

Our Pine Drip filter tips contain a capsule full of natural pineapple terpenes. Transforming your smoke session’s vibe is just a squeeze away. Elevate the flavor of your dry herb whenever you’re ready with the sweet citrus taste of pineapples.

Weight 0.00625 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 in