DC condensing dehumidifiers


Condensing dehumidifiers have many different applications across the industrial, commercial and warehousing sectors. They incorporate a refrigerant circuit system to remove moisture from the atmosphere and are typically used in areas that require a relative humidity of >50%.

The DC system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet individual project requirements.

The dehumidification capacity of the standard models in the DC series ranges from 75 to 930 litres per day. Ventilation capacities are up to 8,500m3/h, enabling a single unit to maintain humidity levels for an entire building.

Units can be free-standing or positioned on a trolley for mobile use across different locations. Duct connections also enable the conditioned air to be distributed via a building’s air handling system.

Temperature neutral models are available with a secondary, externally located condenser. This draws some of the heat away from the dehumidifier’s refrigerant circuit, allowing the dry process air to be delivered at the same temperature as the incoming humid air.

Condensing dehumidifiers come with a hot-gas defrosting system as standard to ensure safe, economical operation even at low room temperatures.