Cryo Cure High-capacity models HC4, HC7, and HC10

Our high-capacity models are designed with features that help speed up processing time without affecting product quality. Upgraded refrigeration capacity contributes to overall faster processing time, while quick condenser defrosting helps ready the machines for a new batch quickly. The programming interface can be monitored remotely on your phone or tablet, while the easy to operate touch screen controls display precisely what’s going on at each stage of the patented Cryo Cure process. These machines are also designed with the ability to load and unload product while the machine is processing another batch. The result is improved efficiency and a lightning-fast return on your investment

  • Comes in three sizes: HC4, HC7, and HC10
  • Shorter cycle times supported by refrigeration capacity
  • Includes proprietary recipes for smokable flower, extraction, and terpene harvesting
  • Easy-to-sterilize racks embedded with zoned temperature monitoring system


Dry and Cure Cannabis In As Little As 24 Hours

Cryo Cure’s patent-pending technologies and methodologies are to eliminate the human error that can occur during the cannabis curing and drying process. The machines are pre-programmed for low moisture content while preserving the terpenes and trichomes. Use the built-in Homer touch screen to easily choose your settings, and use the WiFi or ethernet connection to export and log data. No matter the settings chosen, your Cryo Cured cannabis results in pristine trichome preservation, unparalleled flavor and scent, and freshness that could last for up to one year on the shelf when stored properly.

Our cannabis freeze drying machine models are engineered for maximum efficiency while saving space in your facility. We also custom-build Cryo Cure machines according to your facility’s needs.

The newly redesigned high-capacity machines from Cryo Cure feature an easy load-in, load-out system. This new design utilizes trays and rolling racks with 35 shelves per rack, which can be rolled from your walk-in freezer directly into the Cryo Cure machine. These racks are highly efficient and intelligently built, with narrow trays to minimize drying imbalance, embedded temperature sensors, and multiple independent control zones (number varies depending on model).