A800e LED Horticultural Luminaire – NOBEL COMMERCIAL

From NOBEL COMMERCIAL, one of the Top Horticultural Lights used for commercial operations. Ideal for large scale indoor cultivation, or greenhouse.

There are many advantages of choosing the Nobel Commercial A800e LED lights, over other alternatives:

Safety and Electrical Design: The A800e LED lights use an insulated circuit design, which will give an output between 30-56V which is safe for people and animal’s direct touch. Therefore no safety risk of shock.

Efficiency and Performance: The A800e LED lights offer higher energy efficiency compared to other cheaper alternatives. These lights are specifically designed with advanced LED diodes and drivers to deliver superior efficiency and optimal performance for plant growth.

Product Design and Purpose: The A800e LED lights are designed as finished products, specifically catering to the needs of commercial growers. They undergo thorough research and development to ensure they meet the requirements of professional cultivation. This is very important when compering alternatives, to make sure you don’t choose a hobbyist light for your commercial operations. Lights that have not been tested for this, could indicate that they might not be fully optimized or tailored for the needs of commercial growers.

Extended Lifespan: The A800e LED lights are designed with ballasts that have a theoretical lifespan (factory declared) of 100,000 hours, which is significantly longer than other alternatives. Furthermore, the LED diodes themselves have a theoretical lifespan of 50,000 hours. The A800e lights have the potential to last 5-10 times longer than other cheaper alternatives.

High Output and Efficiency: The A800e LED lights offer a high output of more than 2000 µmol, as demonstrated by real test reports. Normally this output surpasses those of alternative lights, indicating that the A800e lights provide a higher photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) for improved plant growth and productivity. Additionally, the A800e lights are designed to be energy-efficient, boasting a 99% power factor and low voltage human safety driver. This ensures optimal energy utilization and reduces power wastage.

Add to your order the Nobel Commercial HID & LED Light Controller


Model: A800e


PPF(μmol/s): 2080umol/s
Efficacy(μmol/J): 2.60umol/J
InputPower: 800 Watt
Input Voltage: 100-277Vac
Input Current: 2.8A – 6.6A
120V 6.9A
208V 3.8A
240V 3.3A
277V 2.8A
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Factor: >0.99
Thermal Management: Passive
Dimming EXT-OFF-25%-50%-75%-100%
Max. Operation Temp: 113°F/45℃
BTUs 2730
Lifetime L90: > 50000 hrs
Warranty 5 Years
Certificate UL, CE, RoHS


Dimension: 29.8″x12.9″x4.0″/ 758 x 329 x 102mm
Net Weight (KGS) 29.1lbs / 13.2 KGS (LED Driver Included)
Power Cord: 10ft / 3M
120V: NEMA 6-15A to NEMA 5-15A Adapter
208-240V: NEMA 6-15P (10ft)