5 Slim Rolls – Display Box – 15 Units Per Display

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Sold per Display

Every single unique feature is illustrated on the side of the box so that customers will know exactly what they are buying. It gives them a clear view of all the handy traits our one-of-a-kind rolls possess. Here is what sets our display box apart from the rest of the similar products on the market.

With each package you get:

  • A completely natural product free of additives and tobacco
  • 5 slim rolls packed in 15 different units
  • Carefully picked and selected leaf rolls for the ultimate smoking experience
  • Super slow burning leaf
  • Boveda 2-way humidity control package of 62% to keep everything nice and fresh
  • The cleanest product on the market cleansed with purified water
  • Wooden packing stick for filling up the rolls

To top it all off, our product is free from glue and toxins, so you only get to enjoy a 100% natural smoking experience.

It’s easy to compare genuine leaves with synthetically produced paper wraps. Not only do you get a chemical-free product, but you also enjoy the longest smoking experience. For anyone who knows what a good quality smoke is, it’s impossible to miss with our leaf rolls.