Display Box:Goji Wraps Banana

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Each display has 15 pouches

Each pouch has 4 Wraps and 4 Model X Tips.

Derived from the super fruit, the Goji Berry.

We’re proud to introduce the world’s first goji blunt wraps, available as wholesale smoke shop supplies/products. Our newest natural wraps start with the sustainably harvested berries of the superfruit goji. Using renewable power, those berries are processed into the most flexible and easy-to-use wraps your customers have ever experienced. We also designed them to provide an extremely slow and smooth burn.

The berries have unique properties that keep the wraps incredibly moist and flexible, allowing them to seal much easier than other banana flavored blunt wraps. We infuse the wraps with terpenes for a delicious banana flavor that highlights the taste of the cannabis, instead of outshining it. Every sale-grabbing display box contains 15 4-pack pouches, and each pouch contains 4 banana goji blunt wraps and 4 Model X filter tips.