The electric propagator is a greenhouse that generates its own heat inside the cabin, which improves the root development of the plant.

The temperature and humidity are two fundamental aspects in the first days of life of the plants, so we recommend putting a thermohygrometer to control the temperature and humidity. If we see that there is an excess of temperature and humidity, we will have to open the windows that are in the propagator at the top.

If, on the contrary, there is a deficit, we will have to moisten with a sprayer and keep the aeration grilles closed.

It is made of hard plastic, high strength and high quality. It is recommended not to saturate the propagator with many cuttings so as not to damage them because if we put too much vegetation in a small space it is possible that the plants end up dying, since each one needs its space.

The box includes:

  • 1 propagator with windows for aeration
  • Tray / trays to place inside the propagator (depending on the model includes one or two trays)
  • Instructions