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Lion Rolling Circus can attend to your every rolling requirement. Lion Rolling Circus may be rather new to the wrapping industry but with the large boom in the hemp industry they have most certainly proved their value in this market. This guide will give you all you need to know about natural rolling paper.


Natural rolling papers are growing rapidly among cannabis- concentrated industry and as a result, health conscious paper has rapidly been consuming the market. Within the last 10 years, data strategies state that more and more people using rolling paper have become health conscious. In return, opting for a healthier rolling paper option.





“By far the smoothest taste of natural rolling paper” – Neval, from Cape Town, South Africa


The Pros and Cons


Many rolling papers are filled with and contain bleach chemicals. Some are made with wood pulp and this method has been used for centuries to create wrapping paper. Unfortunately, due to the severe taste of wood pulp and the probability that it would contain chemicals, there has been a rapid decline in preference when it comes to popularity.


The pros of using natural rolling paper


The use of natural rolling paper has proved to be a much healthier choice. The experience of smoking the purest form of rolling paper has been a popular choice for those that are within the hemp and cannabis industry. Lion rolling Circus papers only use natural materials to create the healthier and more tasteful choice of smoking and the absence of harsh chemicals mean that when you are consuming or smoking natural rolling paper, there is no concern for the health of your lungs.


Cons of not using or consuming natural rolling paper


Most bleached papers contain chloride. This is the chemical used to whiten the papers.
This specific chemical is exceptionally toxic and can result in some serious respiratory issues.


Artificial dyes are very much harmful to your health when consumed regularly. Lion Rolling Circus concentrates on using natural dye that does not affect your health in any negative way. The focus is primarily on the health of the consumer.
The use of burn inhibitors such as Calcium Carbonate, have been used for rolling papers. This is used to ensure that the paper does not burn too fast and rather at a steady rate. Calcium Carbonate is the scientific word for chalk and consuming chalk in a large or small capacity will result in respiratory irritations which is never good for anyone’s health.


Potassium nitrate is also used to flavour the blunts and rolling paper. Although it is not always used in rolling papers, it is safe to assume that it is used in most common options available on the market. There have been some serious health complications relating to the lungs of the consumer.


Natural Rolling Paper provides the purest and smoothest taste


Lion Circus Rolling Paper has an ethical and moral obligation to the tobacco and hemp community, to ensure natural rolling paper is of top quality. These Natural Rolling Papers are available in different sizes to choose from. There are different characters according to your preferences when smoking and the unique designs are all the characters of the Lion Rolling Circus Family.





The underrated Importance of Natural Rolling Papers


Whether you are a tobacco smoker or part of the weed smoking culture, everyone wants their experience of the smoke to be of a high quality and production conservation. Lion Rolling Circus focus on consistently improving the value of the smoke. Despite the recent vaporizer boom, smoking cannabis in joints are still the most common way to benefit from cannabinoids together with all the aromas this plant offers us.


“The quality taste of my joint was smooth. I could taste the natural aromas of the cannabis as well as a little extra taste of the vanilla flavoured rolling paper. The best joints are smoked with Lion Rolling Circus Paper” says a new consumer to the brand


Cool Goodies available from Lion Rolling Circus


Lion Rolling Circus also has a range of top-quality goodies. Together with the interesting designs and high quality of the goods, it’s easy to see why the goodies have been a popular choice.


The tin Rolling Trays


For many smokers, joints or blunts are one of the most preferred ways to consume cannabis as they are easy to roll and do not require a bunch of expensive and potentially breakable paraphernalia. That is why they offer rolling trays.


These Rolling trays come in 2 different sizes: small and medium.
The small tin rolling tray measure at 7.2” X 8.77”


The Medium rolling tray measures at 8.38” X 12.7”





Quality Rolling Machines


Lion Rolling Circus provides a simple solution to a tricky problem. Rolling can be tricky and can take a good few tries to master a good quality rolled joint. Lion Rolling Circus has top quality rolling machines available in different funky colours.


There are two different types of rolling machines available. The regular comes with an extra fabric replacement and 4 designs to select from. It is made from acrylic and has been the selected rolling machine for many users of natural rolling paper.





The King size rolling machine is available as well for those looking to have a bigger and better rolled joint or smoke. The king size is measured at 110mm and has extra fabric replacement and has 4 different designs to select from.


Lion Rolling Circus has been my choice for using machine rollers. The quality is impeccable and there is a variety of awesome colours to choose from” says Sepho from Pretoria, South Africa


Natural rolling paper filters available


Lion Rolling Circus have done the hard work for you by having pre-rolled filters available to you.
There is a large variety of filters to choose from. Filters unbleached gummed are 20mm x 55mm in length and width and have 50 top quality natural filters available in each filter pack. There are also unbleached filter packs to select from which measure at 20mm x 60mm and 50 are available in each pack.





The silver perforated filters are amazing for those on the go. The perforated side on the filter packs make it an easier option to roll a quick smoke. The silver perforated filters are measured at 20mm x 60mm and have 50 natural rolling paper filters per pack.




“The silver perforated filters are great to use. I love the look and the quality of the paper is the best I have ever come across.” Says Adam from Pretoria, South Africa


Funky Lion wear








Lion Rolling Circus has the coolest baseball caps available with a sneaky stash pocket too.


“The baseball caps are awesome! I purchase a few for friends as well. I love the designs and the stash pocket is such a smart idea. Very handy for sure” says Greg from Johannesburg


Super cool tin boxes available





These tin boxes have some cool designs and make it easier for you to store all your smoking “bits and bobs”. Whether it is storing your natural rolling paper or your pre- rolled filters.


Handmade collectable bobblehead dolls





These unique dolls were designed with resin material and have good quality spring bobbleheads.
These bobblehead dolls are 8” tall with a 2.5” base





Lion Rolling circus combine grinder and stash container in one




Designed for convenience and practicality, Lion Circus rolling has designed a smart and practical
way to store and grind all your goodies. The combination of the grinder and the stash container makes it easy to take your goodies anywhere and is very user friendly. Made from medical grade plastic to always ensure the consumer keeps the natural state and aromas of the herb, this type of plastic does not contaminate or alter the state of the cannabis.


It stands at 70mm x 40mm and weighs 10z each. The top is exceptionally airtight. The product is 100% waterproof and has a manual grinder mill easy to use and of top quality. There are 10 grinders per box and 15 boxes per master case.





“I purchased the combined stash and grinder product. One of the best purchases! So easy to use and the quality is top notch” – Stephanie from Cape Town, South Africa


The Paper Family


Lion Rolling Circus have a wide range of organic rolling paper available for purchase. There are 5 varieties available to choose from.


The transparent papers – the 420 Block


This rolling paper is 100 % natural,100% biodegradable and is 100% made of cellulose. The length and width is at 72mm x 35mm. These papers have a medium burn rate and are gum free as well. There are 420 top quality leaves per booklet and there are 10 booklets per box.





Unbleached Rolling paper: Unbleached 1.25





Lion Rolling Circus offers the option of unbleached rolling paper. 100 % natural and the healthiest option for those that are everyday smokers. The rolling papers are 78mm x 44mm made from quality French paper. The unbleached rolling paper has a slow burn rate and is made from certified natural gum and there are 50 leaves per booklet and 25 booklets per box.


The flavoured papers





The rolling papers are available in these funky flavours; Chewing madness, Bloody strawberry, Funky chocolate, Electric grape, Mind mint, Crazy coco, Cherry baby, Vanilla smile, Banana freak and Blueberry moon. The papers are 78mm x 44mm with medium combustion. There are 33 papers per booklet.





Hemp Wraps

Lion rolling circus’ hemp wraps are made from all natural and certified Canadian hemp leaves. The interesting and unique design has zig zag edges for easy sticking and gluing. The flavours available are, Strawberry, Chocolate, Blueberry, Natural, Tequila, Bubble gum and Mango.
These hemp wraps are 105mm x 45mm and are 100% all natural. There are zero adhesives and unwanted chemicals and it is vegan friendly too! There are 2 per pack and the hemp wraps are also available at 25 packs per box for those wanting to purchase in bulk.


“The hemp wraps were my favourite. I definitely went all out and purchased the bulk pack.” says Tim, a new customer


Lion Rolling Circus is committed to every customers requirement and is determined to maintain top quality on all products offered. The importance of natural, organic material has been largely underestimated within the market. The popular hemp wraps are a healthy option as they are produced from 100% organic hemp without the harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and growth stimulants.


These hemp wraps do not contain any toxic adhesives used to keep the wrap closed and to secure your bud. The harmful chemicals sabotage the taste of the bud and the burn rate of the wrap, and the chemicals have a negative impact on your lungs as well as overall health. If you are a chronic smoker, hemp wraps and organic rolling paper would most certainly be the better health option.


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