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When it comes to ensuring the fastest and most efficient way to harvest your crop, automated machines seem to be taking the lead with the hemp industry currently. These machines have the capacity to replace anywhere from 3 to 40 workers depending on the type of machinery used.


With the increasing boom in machinery being used within the hemp industry, machines have been able to prove their value within the hemp industry and the current market.


Centurion Pro has Solutions to all the trimming problems within the hemp industry. There are people that do not know the advantage of machine trimming. Read on to find out more about machine trimming for hemp growing in South Africa.


The machinery created by Centurion Pro reduces human error and the tedious staff issues.


Within the hemp industry, hiring staff has been proven a challenge by many in the market.


Many companies struggle with unmotivated employees and individuals that are not interested in the actual quality of the product causing delays with the product, a trimming machine ensures that none of the above is prevalent.


Centurion Pro strives to create top quality machinery that can attend and accommodate everyone within the hemp industry. From the “smaller” grower to the commercial farmer. The machinery is robust, easy to use and easy to clean after use. These machines were specially engineered and created for the convenience of the grower as well as ensuring top quality products are produced.


Why machine trim?


The huge advantage of machine trimmers is the speed at which the product can be processed while maintaining the quality of the bud/product. For commercial farmers that grow cannabis in a vast capacity, the difference in processing time makes the decision between hand or machine trimming a no brainer. The pressing need to get large quantities of cannabis to the market at a rapid pace, makes machine trimming an easy choice for those producing at a vast capacity.


This also means that machine trimming is here to stay for at least an exceptionally long time. Improvement in technology has allowed for the trimming machines to not only help with time consumption but also maintaining the quality of the cannabis and hemp growing in South Africa. Trimming your harvest is one of the most crucial elements of ensuring a top-quality crop, for that exact reason, Centurion Pro has created several quality trimmers for those within the hemp industry.


“Machine trimming has been a real game changer for me. I am a small independent grower, so the mini trimmer is perfect for me. The quality of the trichomes are absurd after I used the mini trimmer.”


The Tabletop Trimmer




The Tabletop is one of the smallest and most efficient tumble style trimmers within the hemp industry. At 61cm L x 25cm W x 53 cm H and only 22 kgs it is compact and convenient enough to fit anywhere. This small yet powerful trimmer replaces over 6 human trimmers. It is capable of processing over 15 Kgs of wet product and 6 Kgs of dry produce and can do so without compromising the quality of the product at the very same time.


The Mini Trimmer




This “Mini” trimmer packs quite punch. Replacing 18 human trimmers. The Mini is capable of processing 35 kgs of wet product and 7 kgs of dry product. Perfectly suitable for small to medium size operations.


The Original and Silver Bullet




The original and Silver bullet are the best trimmers in the hemp growing in South Africa on the current market. These twin trimmers are perfect for medium size operations and continue to prove themselves time and time again. With the capability to trim 45 kgs of wet product and 9 kg of dry product, this trimmer is holding nothing back.


Perfect for medium to large operations of hemp growing in South Africa. The high processing power allows these machines to replace up to 25 human workers while continuing to keep the high quality of the bud.


The Gladiator Trimmer




One of the highest volumes per hour automated trimming machines to exist within the hemp industry, the Gladiator, has all the power required to trim the best quality product/Bud. This gladiator of a machine does the work of 40 human trimmers, making this machine ideal for commercial use. Thanks to its dual tumblers and side by side design, the gladiator can process 70 kgs of wet product and 14 kgs of dry product, talk about power!


“The Gladiator has been the biggest help with production and the stringent timelines that are in place to ensure a successful crop. Life has been so much easier and stress-free” – Says James a commercial farmer from Cape Town, South Africa


The 3.0 Trimmer




This trimmer is a powerhouse of a machine. This medical grade trimming system is one of the highest industrial capacity automated trimmers in the world. This machine consists of medical grade anodized aluminum and stainless-steel components to meet all regulatory standards.


This machine can replace up to 75 human workers and can trim 115kgs of wet products. It is also capable of trimming 23 kgs of dry product. This machine is quite a gamer changer for those looking for power and quality of trimming all in one.


The importance of buckers in hemp growing in South Africa


Bucking machines are also known as a de-budder. And this machine is used to effectively remove buds from stems prior to trimming. Centurion Pro also offers GC “Gentle cut” buckers. This bucker cuts the flowers off the stem which prevent large buds from breaking apart into smaller pieces. This keeps the structure of the buds intact preserving the look of the flower, making it ideal for commercial hemp growing in South Africa.


The GC1 Bucker




The GC1 can do the work of 2-3 human workers and will buck 20 kgs per hour of fully hydrated flowers. The GC1 accepts wet or dry stems and produces up to 3000 cuts per minute.


To add to the efficiency and the quality, the GC1 bucker is extremely easy to set up and clean, meaning limited maintenance, what a bonus!


The GC3 Bucker




The GC3 Bucker is more than capable of bucking the bud just the way it should be done. The GC3 can deflower a stem at a rate of 60 kgs per hour of fully hydrated flowers. It also replaces 6-9 human workers and produces 10000 cuts per minute.


The HP1 Bucker




The HP1 Bucker means that this machine operates at high performance and utilises two rollers that pull the stem into the machine and pop the flowers off. This allows to continuously feed the bucker for more efficient de-stemming and results in the industry’s highest buck rate per hour.


The Hp1 has a single workstation that is suitable for tabletop use or can be combined as an optional bucker stand. Ideal for hemp growing in South Africa. The HP1 accepts wet or dry products and can buck 80 kgs per hour and can replace 5-7 human workers with its versatility and power, the HP1 is robust and easy to clean.


“I highly recommend the HP1 bucker. I am a medium sized operation of hemp growing in South Africa. The quality of the machinery is great, and I have had no issues with the machinery at all.” – Fred from Pretoria, South Africa


The HP3 Bucker





The HP3 can buck 240 kgs + of product. This de-stemmer provides unsurpassed power and adjustability. The HP3 is easy to set up and easy to maintain with its sleek stainless-steel exterior.


“The HP3 has exceeded by expectations tenfold. This piece of quality machinery is one of the best for medium or large operations in the market of hemp growing in South Africa” – Datando, a Commercial farmer in Bloemfontein, South Africa


Quantanium non-Stick tumblers



hemp-growing-in-south-africa-Quantanium- non-Stick- tumblers-min


Centurion Pro has an all new and top quality Quantanium Nonstick tumbler that is available in both dry or wet. Quantanium tumblers prevent resins from sticking to the tumbler surface, ensuring the product maintains the natural aromas and flavours. Overall, you will notice an increase in the quality of the product, especially during the harvesting stage because all the natural properties are perfectly preserved. Meanwhile, the use of the new tumbler with its durable coating and easy to clean surface will give you a faster processing time that there’s no need to stop and clean tumblers throughout the day for just a simple wipe down with a cloth and warm water will surely help you remove any residue found.


Centurion Pro can attend to every requirement within the commercial market of hemp growing in South Africa. The machinery has been created to ensure high quality and quantity of a crop harvest and trimming of the crops. Centurion pro combines strength and versatility when it comes to the machinery they sell and commercial farming takes time as the scale at which the harvesting and trimming taking place is vast.


“Centurion Pro has guided me through the process of owning machinery to harvest my crops. They have been a huge help and have cut my trimming duration in half” – Soloman Tshisu, a farmer in Transkei, South Africa


As the cannabis industry evolves, producers will have to become more competitive. Lowering the overhead associated with trimming marijuana is an easy way to add profit to your pocket. The cost of a one-day rental is a fraction of what you would spend hiring a crew to trim your product.


Rounding up a crew to process your bumper crop will no longer be an issue. No more no-shows and flaky people to deal with. In addition, trimming machines are easily portable and disassemble for cleaning in just a few seconds. Lastly, the machine is pressure washable for easy clean up (minus the tumbler).


In an industry where security is pertinent to reputation and mitigating risk, trimming machines run by a small crew are a smart alternative to large weed trimming parties. Unfortunately, “loose lips sink ships”; each new crew member added for a harvest, increases the opportunity for risk. As the cannabis industry matures, regulations on producers will call for higher security which increases costs with each new employee hired.


Hand-trimming marijuana can have varied results from person to person, but a machine produces a consistent product every time, making this machinery Ideal for hemp growing in South Africa. Machine trimmed product is very uniform, in addition, quality trimming machines are adjustable to deliver a desired level of trim. Trimming machines also excel at trimming smaller flowers clusters often ignored by hand trimmers.


With a well-maintained trimming machine, the quality of your final trimmed product will look the same batch after batch. Consequently, the same cannot be said about human trimmers who get tired and sloppy after a day of trimming, resulting in inconsistent results. Instead of relying on other people to share the same level of pride in your product, use a trimming machine to deliver beautiful results time and time again.


Centurion Pro has a firm grip within the cannabis machine industry. They have proved to be valuable contenders with the market with their robust and top of the notch quality machinery.


Their commitment to customer service and the quality of the machinery has been clear.

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