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Choosing the correct hemp trimmers for your needs

Sooner or later, most cannabis growers will want to upgrade from hand trimming to investing in hemp trimmers to save on manual labour and improve output and efficiency. Or maybe you’re in the market for an upgrade on your existing trimmer. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial to select the correct hemp trimmer according to your needs.


Dry batch trimmers

Dry cannabis trimming gives you the most control over your final product; however, they require an additional step to dry your cannabis buds before trimming. Benefits of trimming dry include:

  • A slower drying process preserves terpenes, leading to more enjoyable consumption.
  • Easier cleaning, as sticky trichomes harden during the drying process, keeping your equipment in better shape.
  • High-quality buds post-trim.
  • Trimming can be done in stages.
  • Buds are protected from mould as they are dried ahead of trimming.


Wet & dry trimmers

Wet & dry cannabis trimmers allow you to choose whether to trim your cannabis buds while still wet or to trim after it has been dried. Purchasing a wet & dry combination trimmer will enable you to choose whether to trim before or after drying, based on your needs. Benefits of wet trimming include:

  • By trimming buds before they have been dried, you reduce the space needed to dry your cannabis plants, as only the already-trimmed buds need to be dried.
  • Greater trichome preservation.
  • Quicker harvesting.
  • As long as buds are trimmed straight after harvesting, the chances of growing mould are slim.


Cannabis bucking machines (buckers)

Whether you choose to trim your cannabis buds with scissors, pruning shears, or by machine, cannabis buckers will make quick work of trimming your buds later on. Bucking machines remove untrimmed buds from your plants, allowing you to find buds you might have missed because they are buried deeper in the plant. Quality bucking machines enable you to remove buds quicker and easier and with fewer stems, saving you time and effort when you start to trim.


Whatever your needs might be, we’ve got the best products for the job. Contact us to discuss your needs.