The Cannabis bucking machine – A new future in Cannabis!


Cannabis bucking machinery is on the rise within the Cannabis industry. The process of growing both marijuana and hemp involves several steps, from planting seeds and nurturing the plants to harvesting and processing the final product. This article will give you all of the insider information about a cannabis bucking machine, in just 6 minutes reading time.


One of the vital steps between harvest and sale is bucking (also known as de-budding or de-stemming). Bucking is the process of removing the flowers and leaves from the stalk, which can be done by hand or using a bucking machine. Depending on the goal of the farmer, some will take this untrimmed material and process it as is for textiles or building materials.


Other farmers may choose to take their bucked material and use it to produce oils to capitalize on the legalization of CBD products. Except for farmers that use the whole plant, most growers will require a bucker to efficiently process their harvest.


The Pros of a bucking machine is the time saved during the de budding process.
This machine can literally cut your time in half. The different bucking models available make it easier for those with different quantities of production, each bucker has a specific purpose and can be used in a unique way.


The GC Bucker


The single GC1 cannabis bucking machine can do the work of 2 – 3 people and will process up to 20 kgs of wet or 4 kgs of dry product per hour. The GC1 has a continuous duty cycle and active gearing drivetrain which allows more control and efficiency – while ensuring the safety of the user.


The GC1 bucker comes with a cleaning system, this cleaning system collects and removes all debris into a vacuum bag. This means the GC1 bucker is very easy and simple to clean! The GC1 Cannabis bucking machine is easy to set up and requires hardly any maintenance, and the GC bucker also comes with a five-year warranty.


GC1 Bucker Machine





“The GC1 bucker has been a lifesaver when it comes to time consumption.
It has saved our team several hours per day and I would highly recommend this machinery for small to medium operations.” – Josh from Stellenbosch South Africa


GC1 Bucker and stand





The GC1 has an option of coming with a convenient stand. You can make the most of your process time by including the stand and increasing the ease of de-stemming and improving the movability as the bucker stands operate on a four-wheel system.


The GC3 Bucker






This Cannabis bucking machine is pushing all the bucking boundaries. This is the first three station bucker on the current market. The GC3 bucker can process up to 60 kgs of wet product and 12 kgs of dry product.


The GC3 bucker can process an astronomical amount of product in extraordinarily little processing time. This bucker has multiple holes for various stem sizes. The GC3 bucker has a cleaning system that removes and collect all debris into a vacuum bag, now that is a plus!


The HP1 Bucker





The HP1 Bucker comes with a robust and easy to clean stand. This bucker can de stem wet or dry product and can process 79kgs of wet product and up to 16kgs of dry. The Hp1 comes with a 0.75 HP gear driven motor with variable speeds to provide unsurpassed power and adjustability.


The HP1 also has a variety of speed controls making it more convenient for the user. The HP1 bucking machine is easily set up and even easier to clean! The machine is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum making it an easy and robust bucker and comes with a five-year warranty.
The HP1 is strong, simple, and successfully functional at processing product at an extraordinary rate.


“The HP1 bucker is amazing. It not only saves you time but also saves the quality of the actual bud or flower. The best investment I have made for my business!” – says Johan, a commercial farmer from Bloemfontein, South Africa


The Hp3 Bucker- three workstations in one!






The HP3 cannabis bucking machine – Triple bucker, allows for triple the productivity. This cannabis bucking machine has the highest quality bucking the industry has seen. The HP3 has two rollers per workstation that pulls the stem into the machine, popping the flowers off.


The HP3 is a multi-operator run de stemming machine that has 3 operators for optimal speed and efficiency. There are five different sized holes at each workstation, these holes help provide versality and improve processing capacity. The HP3 Triple cannabis bucking machine can process up to 250kgs of wet product and 50kgs of dry product.


The HP3 bucker comes with a stand and standard industrial casters. This cannabis bucking machine is strong and versatile, exactly what is required for a time crunching harvest.
This bucking machine speeds up quantity while maintaining the quality of the product.


The all new CenturionPros XL MEGA bucker





This extraordinary bucker is new on the market and ready to assist you with your harvest in full force! The XL mega bucker can process up to 1200kgs of wet product and 240kgs of dry product. It is easy to see why this machine has gain the reputation as the MEGA GIANT bucker.


This state-of-the-art bucker can accommodate up to twelve operators. The XL bucker is reliable, efficient, and simple to use. The XL has variable speed conveyors that provides controls for both speeds and direction of the variable speed conveyor, allowing for fast or slow belt speeds.


There is also an emergency stop safety switch on two separate control boxes on opposite sides of the machine to allow for a quick stop and clearing of the nozzles should jams occur. The XL mega bucking machine is fully compliant with health and safety authorities, GMP and FDA quality.


This incredible bucking machine has two fixed conveyors for stem and flower removal, and one variable speed conveyor for unprocessed product delivery to operators. It also has reversible rollers making the clearing of potential jams nothing but a breeze. The removable panels allow for easy roller access and cleaning.


Importance of choosing the correct bucker


Selecting a cannabis bucking machine is critical for your harvesting process. Choosing the incorrect bucker can slow down your harvesting process and hinder your quality of bud too. Choosing the right cannabis bucking machine will cut costs while maintaining the quality and the consistency of the product itself.


When choosing a bucker, it is important to consider the feed rate of the cannabis bucking machine.
It does ultimately depend on speed of the operator, but it is important to select a bucking machine suitable to your productivity levels. It is important to use a bucking machine that can process the dry product more sensitively and the wet product at a faster rate.


The rate of your trimming equipment should also be taken into consideration. Selecting a quality bucking machine from reputable places should also be a priority. Companies such a CenturionPro have quality machinery and a warranty system in place for all their machinery.


The usage of cannabis bucking machines has seen a steady incline in the last year or so.
The bucking machines have proven their value within the cannabis and hemp industry. Having improved with the variety and the quality of the bucking machinery available to the public, it is no surprise to witness the spike in commercial farmers and even smaller scale growers utilising the bucking machines.


De-stemming by hand typically produces 15kgs to 25kgs of wet product per hour. In comparison to the bucking machine, it is clear to see why the cannabis bucking machine has been chosen over de-stemming by hand. De-stemming by hand also means that the product (the flower) is in contact with the operator meaning increased resin collection on the gloves of the operator.


The bucking machine is easy to use and saves the quality of the product. A bucking machine is easily used. The front of the bucking machine has a steel plate with several different sized holes. Behind the plate is a pair of rollers that grab onto a stem and pull it in.


Choose the hole that best suits the diameter of the stem, insert it and watch as the machine pulls it towards the plate and pops off the buds. Thanks to the ever-improving tech industry, bucking machines have been created with customised controls. Some bucking machines have varied controls operating the speed at which the bucker de-stems the product.


This has been a huge timesaver for those producing at large scales. Commercial farmers understand while a bucker may be a larger upfront cost, it can pay for itself in little as a single harvest and will be a viable tool for many years to come.


“These bucking machines have truly assisted with the astronomical growth in my fairly new cultivation farm. I am new to the industry, but I have seen and personally witnessed the difference in machinery de-stemming and de-stemming by hand.” – Nelson from Transkei, South Africa


GC and HP Buckers – What is the difference?


A GC Bucker is similar to scissors and cuts the flowers off the stem, rather than pulling and popping them off. The cutting action prevents the large crown buds from breaking apart into finer pieces, keeping the complete structure of the buds fully intact and preserving the look of your flower. HP buckers, specifically the HP3 bucker, utilizes two rollers per workstation that pull the stem into the machine, therefore popping the flowers off.


When bucker machines and trimmers are both used in a large-scale harvest, the time and the cost is reduced exponentially. Bucking machines are taking the cannabis industry by storm. Large and medium scale licensed cannabis farmers are now opting for a cheaper and less time consuming option to produce the highest quality cannabis.


Even small home growers have started investing in trimmers and buckers to assist them along the ever-booming cannabis and hemp industry. The value of the bucking machines is quickly being recognised and being capitalised on. Bucking machines have increased productivity tenfold and be even more popular among large scale farmers and cultivators in the future.


“The new and improved bucking machines have for certain proved their value to the cannabis market on every occasion. These buckers will soon be used by every farmer and even every grower!” says Clive from Cape Town, South Africa.


Whether it is buds for producing CBD oil, primo buds for the smoker, or hops buds for craft brewing odds are you will be using a bucking or debudding machine to increase the efficiency of the debudding process. The bucking machine can accommodate all kinds of growers in all kinds of places.


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