R256,033 R230,000



R256,033 R230,000

Designed for large scale production, with the MT Tumbler you can trim wet or dry cannabis, by simply changing the tumbler.

With its new high precision technology, the MT Tumbler preserves the quality of the flowers, such as when trimming by handThis makes it the best trimmer of cannabis in Europe. You can join two MT Tumblers in tandem, to increase production capacity, and you can add input and output belts. It can be easily disassembled without the use of tools.

MT Tumbler can process 30 to 40 kg/hr of wet product and 6 to 9 kg/hr of dry product




Designed to work in tandem

The MT Tumbler cannabis trimmer is designed to work in tandem, which allows one to gain maximum profit from your initial investment. By adding another unit, one reaches up to 80 kg / h of processing, without losing product quality.

When working with two or more MT Tumblers joined in tandem, it will be necessary to tilt them in order to move to the product via adjustable inclination.

The rails to join MT Tumbler units in tandem are made of stainless steel. They have an adjustable system to easily adapt the inclination of the MT Tumblers in tandem to the state and characteristics of the variety to be trimmed.

The rail system allows the joining of up to 4 MT Tumblers in series.


Inlet and outlet conveyor belts allow for increased production, greater comfort and improved quality control.

The inlet conveyor belt allows for constant flow of flowers into the cannabis trimmer, without accumulation of flowers. This results in higher production, up to 30% higher.

The outlet conveyer belt allows for thorough quality control, ensuring that the product that leaves the MT Tumbler is in perfect condition for distribution.

To adapt the machine to the characteristics of the product to be processed, the speed of the flow of the flowers through the trimmer can be adjusted with the speed controller of the conveyor belts.

The height of the conveyer belts is also adjustable, which results in greater comfort for the operator.

The conveyor belts are certified for contact with food products. Thus, the flowers maintain their natural state, without being contaminated.

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Weight 90 kg