King Palm leaves are empty tubes that allow for a very easy filling process with our included bamboo packing stick. This cordia leaf is not tobacco, and does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, or glue.

The installed corn-husk filter will be one of the best filter tips consumers have ever used. They are flexible and allow you to squeeze or bite them as hard as you want to create a tighter and cooler draw when smoking. The tips will also eliminate resinous oils from staining a person’s lips, teeth and fingers.

The leaves themselves smoke beautifully, they literally are the best there is, thus it converts the heaviest of tobacco smokers to switch strictly to these because of their smoothness, convenience, and super slow burn. * The Cordia tree originates in the Borage family which thrives in the tidal forests of Southeast Asia.

Packet contains:

– 5 Mini Cordia Leaf Rolls Included – Made To Share

– Individually Handmade, Handpicked and Cleaned With Purified Water Before Rolled

– Packaged With Boveda – 2 Way Humidity Control of 62%

– Holds 0.8 Grams Per Roll

*1 Year Freshness Guaranteed*

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