Gemmacert Potency Tester – PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE


Cannabis verification and potency analysis

Cannabis verification, Total THC, Total CBD, Total CBG, Water Activity of the bud.

Total THC: 0.877 THCA + Delta-9-THC

Total CBD: 0.877 CBDA + CBD

Tested Products:
dry flower buds (with moisture content maximum of 15%), ground flower buds (trim) and raw extract

NIR Spectroscopy, Image Analysis, Motion Mechanics, Data Science

Testing Time:
up to 5 minutes per sample

Sample preparation: No

Sample destruction: No

Calibration: Automatic

User interface: Android smartphone

Spectrometer, illumination, camera, motion device, control, and communications module


  • Minimum detection limit 0.2% THC/CBD
  • Maximum detection limit 30% THC, 20% CBD
  • Repeatability:
    • Whole flowers up to 1.5%
    • Ground material up to 0.6%


Within +/-10% of an HPLC lab result for the same sample. If actual potency is 8% THC or CBD on a flower, GemmaCert will report anywhere between 7.2% to 8.8% THC or CBD for that same flower sample.

Portability: portable desktop unit

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Power source:
6vdc by standard 110/220 ac2dc power supply

Storage temperature: -10C to +45C

Operating temperature: +10C to +35C


  • Height: 224mm
  • Diameter Top: 144mm
  • Diameter Base: 166mm

Weight: 1,958 grams (including power supply)

Regulatory compliance:
CE, TuV, RoHS, German Pharmacopeia, IEC/EN standards: 61010-1:2010,EN 61000-6-1:2007,EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011 ,ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1,UL/CSA 61010-1,FCC part 15B, ICES-003, EN 301489-1, EN 301489-17, EN 61326-1

Dispose of leftover cannabis from time to time.

Instant  Cannabis & Hemp Potency Testing

Used by industry professionals all around the globe, in more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

Cannabis Potency And Composition Analyser

Test whole flowers, ground material and ethanol based extract. Test for THC,CBD,CBG, and aW (water activity). 24 scans per sample overcomes heterogeneity of the plant allowing for the most accurate results with no sample destruction.

Enjoy strong customer support, and a complimentary training session when you place your order.

GemmaCert uses FDA-endorsed technology for easy & accurate cannabis testing.

GemmaCert’s flagship product, the GC-PRO, is a desktop cannabis and hemp testing solution designed for in-house or field testing delivering immediate results with lab-level accuracy.

If a sample tested by a certified lab using high performance liquid performance chromatography (HPLC) results in a THC potency of 10%, then the same exact sample tested by the GC-PRO shall produce a THC potency result between 9% and 11%. Allowing you to identify the potency of your flowers. The correct protocol has to be followed for this comparison.

Near Infrared Spectrometry

Recognized by the FDA and EMA, NIR spectroscopy is used by the pharmaceutical industry for quality control, including product development and testing for regulatory compliance.

Image Analysis / Motion Mechanics

GemmaCert devices extract meaningful information from each sample using digital image processing techniques. The GC contains a camera which provides a precise location of the sample so that the spectrometer is able to scan 24 different spots around the sample. In order to meet the need for heterogeneity.

Machine Learning

Our devices learn and adapt automatically through experience, using algorithms and statistical models to analyze large amounts of data from our comprehensive reference database.

As a professional you must ensure that your products are compliant, consistent, safe, effective, and predictable. In-house testing needs to be an important part of your Standard Operating Procedures.

GemmaCert has developed this innovative solution that analyzes cannabis and provides reliable potency readings, without harming the flowers or altering their efficacy and commercial value.

Growers, dispensaries, labs and home users can use the device to test an unlimited amount of flowers, which spares them the time and costs involved in batch sampling and lab testing.

Our one-of-its-kind device combines 3 technologies: spectrometry, image analysis and data analytics, to provide a real-time, reliable solution for measuring cannabis potency. Results are delivered directly to a proprietary secure app on your smartphone.

GemmaCert Professional makes it easy to perform in-house testing to ensure that your products are effective, consistent, safe, and compliant. We make it easy to consistently deliver a high-quality product.

GemmaCert Professional Can:

  • Test samples in-house before beginning the formal testing process
  • Test materials including dry flowers buds, trim, and crude extract
  • Test both cannabis and hemp materials
  • Test for total THC levels as low as 0.2%
  • Use water activity analysis to predict mold growth
  • Produce professional Certificates of Analysis
  • Identify optimal harvest time
  • Improve profit predictability
  • Ensure the quality and consistency of your product
  • Boost customer confidence and brand


  • FREE GemmaCert Cloud Subscription
  • Includes 3 Sample Holders: Flower, Trim and Extract
  • THC minimum detection level: 0.2%
  • Produce Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Desktop Customer Portal Access
  • Comes with GemmaCert Protective Carrying Case
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Reference Database

250,000 data points have been collected from thousands of samples worldwide, with new data being added every day. Samples undergo comprehensive spectra measurement by a number of GemmaCert devices, as well as HPLC analysis before being added to the database.The creation and maintenance of the database is conducted at our ISO 17025 certified analytical lab under the license of the Israeli Ministry of Health. Supplemental database collection takes place at qualified labs throughout  North America and Europe, equipped with up-to-date HPLC equipment and other tools. GemmaCert’s reference database is continually growing, ensuring consistent improvement of device coverage and performance.

Total test results:




Water Activity

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