Diamond Miner 300ml- Mr Hide Extracts


Mr Hide Extracts Diamond Miner works by modulating the pressure and water content of live resin or BHO. It can be pressurized at 10 Bar and contains a desiccant chamber that can be opened and water can be extracted from the live resin while the system is under pressure.

Live resin often contains a large amount of water because the extraction of BHO is produced in frozen plant material. Water prevents the growth of the THCA crystal.

It often takes a month or more to create THCA crystals. With Diamond Miner we can achieve crystal growth and the production of HCFSE and HTFSE in 14 days without any pressurization. Pressurization with nitrogen causes nucleation to occur faster and therefore create diamonds faster.

Diamond Miner is fabricated in Spain. The Diamond miner is for professionals. The diamond is 99,9% pure.

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