150G Closed Circuit Extractor Mr Hide


The Mr.Hide Extracts® closed loop extraction equipment uses isobutane and propane as solvents. They are designed to process any type of vegetable matter, dragging the active ingredients and terpenes to create a concentrated BHO oil. The gas is stored once it has been purged to be reused as many times as necessary, thus avoiding a continued use of gas purchases and increasing our safety thanks to the closed circuit of Mr.Hide Extracts®.

Our Mr.Hide Extracts® closed loop machines are made entirely of 314 stainless steel and 316 l of sanitary grade. Mr.Hide Extracts® BHO extractors are manufactured under the strictest quality controls, manufactured, tested and tested for 8 hours at a pressure of 8 bars.

The components of the extractor include: recovery tank with pressure gauge, collection tank, column for vegetable matter, gaskets, hose kit clamps, filters and cart included.

Extractors of BHO champions developed by and for professionals of the sector, maximum quality and simplicity, offering:

Maximum performance
Recovery of 99% of the gas.
Eliminates polluting remains of solvents.
Assembled and tested for 8 hours.
Security valve.
Models equipped with peephole.
Made in Spain.

Extractor of BHO 150 Gr: column of extraction of 52 x 72mm, deposit recovery 154 x 180mm 3L and gas tank 154 x 180 4,2L.

Components necessary for its operation NOT INCLUDED:

Vacuum pump. (2 CFM)
Gas recovery. (Recommended VRR12M)

Weight: 65 Kilos approx.

Packaging measures: 120 X 80 X 45 (length-width-height, pallet)

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