1,100G Semi-closed Extractor With Chamber


Easy handling and excellent results in medium – high quantities. With the improvement of being able to keep your material longer in fresh, due to the double jacketing for ice or dry ice (CHAMBER). A quick and easy way to process your plant matter.

It is light and robust, manufactured 100% in stainless steel 304 and 316 food.
-Capacity 1,000 G dry or (1,600 G green – major pressing).
-Equipped with 2 security keys for the entry and exit of the gas.
-It incorporates removable legs, for greater comfort in the use of the column and transport.
-Includes clamp / gasket filter 150 Masch 316 stainless.
-1 Clamp board
-2 Clamp clamps
-Possibility of assembling several columns for greater capacity.
-Size 104 diameter x 1,275 mm + cone
-Packing 130x20x20, Weight 19 Kilos

Shipped in 11 - 13 working days