100G Semi-closed Extractor with Chamber


Easy handling and excellent results in low quantities. With the improvement of being able to keep your material longer in fresh, due to the double jacketing for ice or dry ice (CHAMBER). A quick and easy way to process your plant matter.

It is light and robust, manufactured 100% in stainless steel 304 and 316 food.

Capacity 100 G dry or (185 G green – major pressing).
Equipped with 2 security keys for the entry and exit of the gas.
It incorporates removable legs, for greater comfort in the use of the column and transport.
Includes clamp / gasket filter 150 Masch 316 stainless.
1 Clamp board
2 Clamp clamps
Possibility of assembling several columns for greater capacity.
Size 50 diameter x 650 mm

Packaging 100x15x15, Weight 8 kilos

All you need is Butane gas, approximately 3 and a half cans per 100 grams. The result from this extraction can then be used with the Diamond Miner Accessory to create CRYSTALS 99,9% pure.

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