"Grow your plant, grow your life"

We are a team of passionate individuals, who have travelled around the world, learning and practicing the optimal and most advanced cannabis cultivation techniques, to grow the best plants.

We have participated in plantations in the Emerald Triangle, USA, and Cultivation Associations in Europe; where we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, not only about the growing process but also about the best products to use.

We want to transmit our knowledge and passion to others, and bring the best products available worldwide, to the African people. 

Our aim for the production process is: “The best quality and the greatest quantity” 

In this way, everybody can enjoy the great benefits of the plant, and do it in the right and most efficient way.

Medical cannabis requires the strictest quality controls, and we can help you achieve that, by having the latest and most advanced products in the market, for your cultivation process.

What we offer

We offer a variety of products and services


We specialize in horticulture products for all your growing solutions.

From cutting-edge machinery and equipment that are required for large scale cultivation projects, to day to day horticulture products for small cultivation solutions. We have it all.


We offer the specialized services of cannabis facility Design and Consulting, with focus on GMP certified facilities and commercial greenhouses.

Meeting all the GMP requirements at the moment of designing and building your facilities will greatly contribute to higher yield and quality of your final product.

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Featured Products

Dark Box

The Dark Box is a growing cabinet for indoor grow. The fabric is polyester with a reflective layer inside. It is packaged complete in a box, ready to assemble, with easy to follow instructions. It has various access ports for the assembly of a greenhouse.

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